Should I listen to music while coding?

Should I listen to music while coding?

Monkey mind or mind chatter is simply your thoughts in your mind going crazy, so you can't concentrate on your coding task.

Studies have shown low bpm music helps with concentrate - have a read of this

I find listening to chill background music is great to concentrate.

This may not work for everyone, this is just a guidence from my experience.

Get some noise cancelling ear phones with high noise cancellation.

I recommend Bose headphones. I have Bose 700 which are great! I have also used Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Music apps i recommend to use are

I recommend long DJ/Classical sets with only few ads at the beginning and you can play long 2hr sets which gets you to concentrate for that long.

I have created some public playlists here:

Happy Coding :)


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