How to Install Wordpress 5.6 on Locally via Xampp

  • Download and install and setup your xampp by following below instructions from Apache friends

  • Open xammp and Turn on Apache and MySQL

  • Go to localhost/dashboard

  • You should see a page like this


  • Go to your xammp installation folder - eg D/xammp/htdocs

  • Then go to htdocs folder


  • Create a new folder named wordpress5.6

  • Download wordpress and extract files from below link


  • Copy wordpress files and put into the xammp/htdocs/wordpress5.6 folder so looks like below


  • Go to phpMyAdmin to create a new database

  • localhost/phpmyadmin

  • Click new

  • Fill databasename= wordpress5.6

  • Click create



  • Go through instructions

  • Database Name: wordpress5.6

  • Username: root
  • Password: “leave blank”
  • Database Host: localhost

  • After installation your site will be completed installation!

  • Login with your wordpress user and password


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