How to clone a GitHub repository

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How to clone a GitHub repository

Cloning repository to your local computer is needed so you can work on your code changes locally. Below is article on how to clone your repo with git

  • Install git command line via this Link instructions

  • Configure your git

    • Add your user name:
      git config --global "<username>"
    • Add email address:
      git config --global "<email address>"
  • Open your directory of where you want to save repository locally by right clicking folder and opening Git Bash Here image.png

  • Clone your repo using the following command replacing with your url you get from your repository online from GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or any others

    git clone <url to your repo>


  • Double check repository is cloned by running

    git status
  • If your output looks something like this your repository is cloned to your local drive image.png

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