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Create new branch with git command line

Using the git terminal below are steps in creating a new branch and pushing it to remote repository

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Say you have made some changes on a branch currently but dont want to put these changes on this branch but instead on a new branch

  • First check your current status of your git

    git status
  • Stash your changes, don't worry they wont be lost

    git stash
  • Check your current branch status

    git branch -a
  • Create a new branch, this will copy from current branch

    git branch <ADD YOUR NEW BRANCH NAME>
  • Check your current branch status, see if your new branch exists

    git branch -a
  • Switch to this new branch

    git checkout <ADD YOUR NEW BRANCH NAME>
  • Check your current branch status

    git branch -a

    Your current branch will be green like so


  • Bring your changes back that you stashed before

    git stash pop
  • You will have your changes back now, confirm this by running

    git status
  • Add all your changes for commit by running

    git add .
  • Add a commit message

    git commit -m "<ADD YOUR COMMIT MESSAGE>"
  • Push your changes, setting the new branch to root of your directory

    git push --set-upstream origin <ADD YOUR NEW BRANCH NAME>
  • Your changes will now be on your remote branch

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